Why Sugar is Making you Fat?

Learn Why Processed Sugar causes unsightly fat.  Learn how to cut the sugar and get results quick.  Learn how much sugar you should eat to stop the fat gain.  Learn why body builders eat low sugar/glycemic index type diets.

Natural Sugar is a fat burner while processed sugar is a fat gainer.  Learn how your body and liver reacts to different types of sugar.


Here is a small ebook by Why Sugar explaining the effects of sugar.(no charge for limited time)

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Why Sugar is Making you Fat? Link Here no charge

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Ultimate Legs Workout

leg workout

Here is a great legs workout you can do at home.  It has three types of squats.  It has regular, wide and sissy squats.  It includes regular lunges and walking lunges.  It has front and back kicks to get your heart beating and to strengthen legs. It also has calf raises for the lower part of your legs.   

Here is a tip when you bend down to squat pause for a moment.  That helps focus on building muscle in that area.   Also this is a non-stop workout.  You can stop for 5 second breaks when needed.  You can repeat this once, twice or three times.  

More Ways to Tone Legs

  • You can also add 20 or 30 minutes of walking if you want to challenge yourself even more. 
  • Another thing you can do to challenge yourself at home is end this routine with 2 minutes of jumping jacks.  
  • Or try going up and downstairs 25 times.  
  • Go for a 30 minute bike ride and make sure your moving quickly
  • Go all the way down or as far as you can go for squats

 It always good to sweat or get your heart racing to know you getting a good workout.  If your looking for a more fitness solutions try my suggestions. 

Here’s an awesome new program that will help women get sexy, pretty, cellulite-free legs.

by Marilyn Arroyo

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Healthy Food Tips

eating light egg an toast breakfast

We here a lot about eating light.  What does it mean?  The fitness industry also has been saying eat 5 or 6 small meals.  It makes sense if you eat a small meal you don’t have to worry about overeating.  This toast and egg meal for breakfast is about 200 to 300 calories.   Depending on the actual calorie count.  It generally will fit into that count.

If you don’t overeat then you don’t have to ever worry about gaining weight.  Also, this meal is low sugar under the 15 grams of sugar that I recommend.  This is the perfect portion if you want add a fitness routine for fat burning.  Or just want to learn how to eat light to stay thin.  Try the hand diet to get a grasp of good portions sizes.

The egg has about .5 grams of sugar not even 1 gram.  The bread has about 1.6 grams of sugar.  So together that’s about two grams of sugar. That is  excellent.  You can eat up to five grams of sugar without it having an affect in blood sugar rising.  Your body does need some sugar to function.   I know of a celebrity fitness trainer that recommends around 9 grams of sugar a meal.  Other trainers say 15 grams is okay.  A lot of our meals have about 40 grams of sugar.  All you have to do is add soda or juice and its about 40 grams.    The liver converts all this excess sugar into fatty acids if not used.  Leading to tons of fat gain.  So everyone is walking around drinking sugary drinks and wondering where the fat comes from.   This is worse for women but some men suffer from it also.  Men have more muscle naturally so they are not as affected.  Women are not so muscular so can easily gain fat.   So if a women were to watch her calories and sugar intake.  You can control the weight you gain and put a stop to more unsightly fat.  There are also ways to burn the fat.   Circuit training is excellent for that.

by Marilyn Arroyo 

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Ultimate Arms Workout

Here is a great arms workout for you.  Try it out summer is coming.  You want to have your arms all ready to reveal.

How to do this workout:

Do this workout non-stop.  You can stop for five seconds breaks when need.  After that continue until done.  You will feel it when your done.  If you want and extra challenge try doing it twice.  Do this 3 times a week and your arms will start looking better in two weeks.  Do it for three months and totally reshape them.   For more on womens health and fitness visit us on a weekly basis.  Look for level two of this workout is coming soon. 

  • Do this workout non-stop
  • Take five second breaks
  • Feel the burn
  • Repeat for more of a challenge
  • Drink Water
  • Stretch Arms when done


Stay Motivated:

Stay motivated by telling yourself your doing great.  Wear clothes to show off your results.  Look at what you want to tone and do what ever it takes to get there.  Try setting a schedule of when you will do your workouts.  Stick to your schedule.  Make sure your not over eating or you can sabotage your ability to burn fat.  When you do see results pat yourself on the back for all the your hard work. 

When you get bored of a exercise routine find a new one.  Always keep looking for new workouts to do that will keep you challenged.  There are many workouts on you tube you can find.  Or go to Google and type in the workout you are looking for you might get lucky.  Bookmark all the workouts you find and make a collection of them.  When you get bored try a new one.  Good luck with your quest to be fit. 

womens health and fitness



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Best way to burn fat


One of the Best Ways to Burn Fat

running on treadmill

Do you want a good health fitness tip?  There are many ways to burn fat with different sports and fitness techniques.  In other words, there are many ways to achieve this desired result.   After trying many different techniques my favorite way to burn fat is by adding some high-intensity to my workout.  I don’t mean going overboard either to the point of exhaustion or injury.  What I am talking about is doing your cardio in intervals.  Do not move at a consistent speed you should mix up your speed with degrees of intensity.   An example of this type of exercise is HITT .  The great thing about it is you really feel the burn after the workout.  You also don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it.  If you do it for 20 minutes your set.   You can incorporate interval training into all types of cardio.

I recently used it at the gym.  I got on the treadmill and I hit quick start and it gave me 20 minutes.  I started by raising the height to about level seven,  if you try this only go as far as you feel comfortable that may be 5 for a beginner or less.  Listen to your body but don’t go so weak that you don’t feel it.  When you have reached a good level it feels like you’re climbing a mountain or going uphill.    You need to challenge yourself to get the results you want.    So you start out going uphill for a 1 or 2 minutes.  I go 2 minutes up on level seven, 1.5 minutes on level four, 1.5 on level one.  Make sure you  slow down for last 1 or 2 minutes.  That interval is about 5 minutes, that is interval 1, and then you go to interval 2 and 3.  For interval two I did 2 minutes of running at speed 43, 1.5 minutes of walking at 29 speed, and 1.5 minutes of slow down at 22-25.  For interval 3 I did 2 min. of uphill level 7, 1.5 of level 4, and 1.5 of level 1.  Next,  I repeated this interval again.  So I did 4 intervals.  Here is an interval list below.

  • 5 Minute interval-2 minutes uphill or run, 1.5 medium height, 1.5 low speed
  • Repeat-5 min.
  • Repeat-5
  • Repeat -5
  • Total 20 minute high interval training working complete.

The food you eat is also important keep it light and don’t consume heavy amount of sweets.   Strength training should also be part of your fitness plan.  All exercise routines are not created equally if you’re looking for some new workouts try these exercise recommendations.  Most of all don’t give up on your quest for a more fit you.  See our other articles on fitness and nutrition for more tips to staying healthy.





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